FISSION is an international science fair made by students for students.

Develop your scientific project and compete for a great award or come as a guest and see intriguing student projects. Join innovative workshops, listen to recognized lecturers and leave with a sense of inspiration.
Sofia Science Fair

Overall Description

FISSION is a competition for students interested in science who are currently at their high school stage of education. Teams of up to three members will create projects in one of two types (Experiment, Working Model) and in one of four categories based on their interests. FISSION aims to encourage inquiry-based learning in students, and take them beyond the limitations of classroom science. With the help of a mentor they should use what they already know to come up with original and applicable solutions of relevant scientific issues, invent a novel device or a computer program, or demonstrate an interesting phenomenon in a new way.
Video from the last year Science Fair

What are we looking for?

1. Relevance

Students should concentrate their attention on current problems with which science is trying to deal with. Research should focus on modern scientific issues. Devices and models should be designed to aid people in learning about and understanding the underlying principles of natural processes.

2. Originality

We expect projects to present novel ideas that the students have come up with. The advisor is to help with the technical details and make sure that the project is well-sustained from a scientific point of view.

3. Applications

The projects should have some evident application in modern-day world. An experiment can be conducted so as to investigate a phenomenon and offer a solution to a problem, such as the quality of a product or a condition in our environment. A working model can be used in our everyday, the industry or education.

4. Inquiry-based learning (IBL)

IBL is a challenge for students' analytical skills. It is a method that places questions at the centre of investigation and discourages scientific procedures which require students to simply follow the outlined steps.

Our goal

The goal of FISSION is to give its participants the opportunity to explore science beyond the classroom. At school we are asked to follow a readily prepared set of instructions so as to observe a phenomenon that is important to the studied material. FISSION participants are encouraged to look into problems of their choice and interest. They don't have a series of steps to follow, but rather should use all the information they have access to and find the procedure that fits their project best. If none of the existing methods of investigation fits you, be flexible - modify what is already there or come up with something new.


FISSION aims to unite students interested in science and give them a platform to share and exchange their ideas. The goal of the fair is to also help students realize their educational and professional opportunities in the fields of Science. To achieve this we have invited scientists from prominent universities to lead lectures about their own research, present their experiences and offer helpful advice to students who want to pursue their interest in science beyond high school. Topics will also include applications of science in business and entrepreneurship, as well as opportunities for higher education in the field of science worldwide. The names of the speakers and the specific topics of their lectures will be posted throughout the course of the year.


At FISSION both guests and participants can participate in extraordinary workshops. Through them they will be able to learn about and see in actions new technologies. Different leading companies will deliver these workshops and you will get a chance to personally meet successful people working in these areas. The names of the companies and the topics of their workshops will be posted throughout the course of the year.

The Team

Dr. Krasimira Chakarova
Physics Teacher
ACS Science Department Chair
FISSION Faculty Supervisor

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ACS Senior


ACS Senior


ACS Senior


ACS Junior


ACS Junior


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