The idea about FISSION started back in 2015 between three ACS Seniors (now Alumni) – Ivana Andreeva, Mihail Georgiev, and Tsveta Kamenova – got inspired by the INMM Vienna International Science and Engineering Fair and EUSO, and decided to create a similar event at the American College of Sofia. They wanted it to be an opportunity for Bulgarian students to do and present their own scientific research and meet interested peers, since this is a way different format than the ordinary national competitions. Since then, FISSION (Fair of International Student Science for Implementable Original Notions) has become an annual tradition at ACS, hosted every March even during the pandemic. We have received lots of positive feedback from previous participants, and continue to do our best to develop FISSION every year.

An interview with the Founders of FISSION.

FISSION 2023 Awards

CategoryAwardProject NameProject Author(s)Project Supervisor(s)
Physical Sciences and EngineeringBest in Category (Model)SharoMomchil Kolev, Kaloyan DimitrovDavid Yordanov
Best in Category (Experiment)Safer strategy for building against fire and smokeYuyi ChangMei-Ching Tang
Honorable MentionE-Chess BoardGeorgi Georgiev-
Biomedical, Biological, and Chemical SciencesBest in Category (Model)Intelligent system for measuring cardiovascular athletic performanceGeorgi Apostolov, Atanas IbrishimovIrina Kostadinova
Best in Category (Experiment)Investigating modified ZnS phosphorescent materials, obtained by a non-co-precipitative methodIvaylo KartevMartin Nedyalkov
Honorable MentionLab GamesValentin Kirilov, Aleksandra GetsovaDessislava Borissova
Ecology and Environmental ScienceBest in CategoryOmniplantusMario Berov, Boris TopalovDavid Yordanov
Honorable MentionAgrophotovoltaic SystemsNikoleta StoynovaKrasimira Chakarova
Honorable MentionHeterogeneous photocatalysis for water treatmentKalina Koleva, Ekaterina KolevaDobrina Ivanova
Computer ScienceBest in CategorySmart Irrigation SystemTea Poposka, Sinem ZekirNergiz Akbiyik
Honorable MentionMulti-function communications deviceAlessia Grasso, Kemal Hasan-
MathematicsBest in CategoryThe trigonometry poem of Pythagoras triplesLjiljana KonjevicDuša Vuković
Honorable MentionApplication Of matrices in basic number theory problemsMichael IvanovTatiana Todorova
JuniorBest in CategoryHydroelectric power stationAntoan UzunovEmil Kerkov
Honorable MentionRecycling with hydraulicSimona KelchevaEmil Kerkov
Honorable MentionVascular system in plants - vascular bundleElitsa VelkovaMaria Antonova
AllAudience's ChoiceThe trigonometry poem of Pythagoras triplesLjiljana KonjevicDuša Vuković

FISSION 2023 Contributors

Supported by America for Bulgaria
Supported by New Bulgarian University
Supported by DSK Bank
Supported by AAE
Supported by BG Nauka
Supported by Danibon
Supported by MediaBricks
Supported by Telerik
Supported by American College of Sofia

FISSION 2022 Awards

CategoryAwardProject NameProject Author(s)
Physical Sciences and EngineeringBest in Category (Model)DC ExplorerMomchil Kolev, Victor Ivanov
Best in Category (Experiment)Coin in a BalloonDenitsa Vasileva
Honorable MentionDenim cycleVeronika Stefanova Tsoneva, Aderean Miroslavov Velinov
Biomedical, Biological, and Chemical SciencesBest in CategoryAnalysis of The Effect of Antioxidants On the Efficiency of a Bioenergy DrinkAntoana Tsekova
Honorable MentionThe Effects of Different Aspirins on Salivary Amylase’s FunctionKalina Duncheva, Bogdan Nalbanski
Ecology and Environmental ScienceBest in CategoryOLIVE WASTES - natural heavy metal absorbentsErblin Jakupi, Alba Deari
Computer ScienceBest in CategorySwarm Guiding and Communication System (SGCS)Kaloyan Dimitrov
Honorable MentionBraille Reader AppMihaela Tzvetkova, Yasen Horozov
MathematicsBest in CategoryFixed systems of the Shapley-Shubik index with one or two presidentsDemira Georgieva Nedeva
JuniorBest in CategoryNo Wasting SinkAslı Sarac

FISSION 2021 Awards

CategoryAwardProject NameProject Author(s)
Physical Sciences and EngineeringBest in CategoryROV - Remotely Operated Underwater VehicleMomchil Kolev, Victor Ivanov
Honorable MentionApprehension Of Dark MatterMarija Miloshevska
Biomedical, Biological, and Chemical SciencesBest Project in Chemical SciencesHerbal SoapAntoana Tsekova
Best Model in Biological SciencesLet's Learn About HearingEma Doneva, Boyko Yanchev
Best Experiment in Biological SciencesDetermining a Suitable Protein Environment for Bioengineered HeartsVladimir Genkovski, Neda Piperova
Ecology and Environmental ScienceBest in CategoryRecycling Unsuccessful 3D Prints: Analysis of Converting 3D Printed Objects Back Into FilamentOgnian Trajanov, Boris Topalov
Computer ScienceBest in CategoryLimited Query Black-Box Adversarial Attacks in the Real WorldHristo Todorov
MathematicsHonorable MentionTossing a Coin (Probability)Vladimir Donchev, Teodor Tankov
JuniorBest in CategoryTesla CoilIoan Mut Vitcu, David Rusu
Honorable MentionHow Does the Surface Temperature Affect the Fingerprints?Beatrice Capriș, Erika Capriș
Audience Choice AwardHow does the shape of ice affect its melting speed?Caroline Man
All non-juniorAudience Choice AwardAMP Smart Mug - Eco-friendly, 3D Printed Mug w/ Solar powered Wireless ChargerAndreja Popovikj, Matej Milosievski

FISSION 2020 Online Format Awards

CategoryAwardPopular Vote %Project NameSchool
Junior1st Place24.4How Does Diet Affect Your pH?Avenor College, Romania
2nd Place22.4Solar OvenAvenor College, Romania
3rd Place17.3Tin Can CalculatorAvenor College, Romania
Model1st Place18.9Chemical vs Organic FertilizersAmerican College of Sofia, Bulgaria
2nd Place15.3Wind PowerAmerican College of Sofia, Bulgaria
3rd Place14.2Robotic PrincessAmerican College of Sofia, Bulgaria
Experiment1st Place39.7Variable StarsFryganiotis College, Greece
2nd Place17.1Eco-friendly & Safe Way of WritingYahya Kemal College, North Macedonia
3rd Place13.8Electric Arc CutterAvenor College, Romania

FISSION 2019 Awards

CategoryAwardProject NumberProject NameSchool
PhysicsHonorable Mention5Acoustic properties and resonance of bottles and test tubesSofia High School of Mathematics
Best Experiment15Electromagnetic Field Detector EMF_GHOST133 High School A.S. Poushkin
Best Model46The Stroboscopic EffectAmerican College of Sofia
Math and ITHonorable Mention6TesseractNational Trade and Banking School
Honorable Mention7Poncelet's closure theoremMathematics High School "Academician Sergey Korolev" Blagoevgrad
Best Experiment18CakeMath and Science High School "St. Kliment Ohridski"
Best Model10Exogenous Finance Factor in the Capital Asset Pricing ModelSofia High School of Mathematics
BiologyHonorable Mention3Not Only Because It's Tasty (NOBIT)Baba Tonka High School of Mathematics
Honorable Mention44The effect of coloured lights on plant growthAmerican College of Sofia
Best Experiment35Extrasensory perception: does it exist under different conditionsSofia High School of Mathematics
Best Model45ARMAmerican College of Sofia
ChemistryHonorable Mention25Advantages and disadvantages of charcoal water purifiers4th Language School "Frédéric Joliot-Curie"
Best Project43Transparent WoodAmerican College of Sofia
JuniorsHonorable Mention21Microbit CarPaths School
Honorable Mention31Leaf PenPrivate School "Educational Technologies"
Honorable Mention42Green Roof HousePaths School
Best Project33How does the shape of the blade affect how much energy a wind turbines producesAvenor College